Bearing application practice: some common problems in changing bearing clearance

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In bearing application practice, I often encounter some questions about clearance from customers. Today, I will summarize a few for your reference.


Can I buy bearings with larger clearance?

In general applications, such as fans, bearings with larger clearance grades can be used without significant impact on bearing service life or machine operating conditions.

Can I buy bearings with smaller clearance?

No, it is not recommended to replace one bearing with another with a smaller clearance grade without technical research, because there is a risk of over-preloading during operation.

As an emergency solution, the clearance of the bearing can be increased by reducing the raceway diameter of the inner ring. Depending on the location and method, the bearing performance (friction, running accuracy, fatigue life) may be reduced and far from the original design parameters.

Does lubrication affect the choice of clearance grade?

Yes. Depending on the lubricant base oil viscosity and the amount of lubricant, the bearing temperature may be different, and the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings will be different. If it is not verified, it is risky to hastily change from oil bath to grease lubrication.

Should I replace the bearing with smaller clearance if the equipment vibrates a lot?

Clearance is rarely the cause of vibration. Installing a bearing with less clearance does not eliminate the cause of vibration. We should investigate the cause of vibration and then take corrective measures based on the cause we understand. In addition, installing a bearing with less clearance may be risky, causing premature failure due to excessive preload.

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