Rotary table bearing product classification

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As an important component of machine tools, the turntable has always been the focus of machine tool design. As a key component for carrying workpieces, the turntable's rotation accuracy, rigidity and composite load-bearing capacity directly affect the processing performance of the machine tool, among which the selection of bearings plays a direct and decisive role. The traditional solution for turntable light bearings generally uses two or more sets of radial and thrust bearings in combination, in order to enable the turntable to simultaneously withstand axial loads, radial loads and overturning moments. Although this solution is mature, it also has many disadvantages such as complex turntable structure design and inconvenient bearing installation and maintenance.

HRTG standard series

Thrust-radial combined structure, can simultaneously withstand bidirectional axial loads, radial loads and overturning moments. The bearings are evenly distributed with mounting holes, and bolts can be used to directly fix the bearings; the bearings are preloaded when leaving the factory, and no clearance adjustment is required for installation; this series is suitable for occasions with low speed, short operating cycle, and high rigidity and precision requirements, such as rotary tables, dividing heads, etc.


HRTGS high-speed series

HRTGS series turntable bearings have the same appearance and structural dimensions as HRTG series turntable bearings, but their special internal structure design enables them to have a higher limit speed, and the friction is low and uniform in the entire speed range. Therefore, it is suitable for applications similar to the HRTG series but requiring lower friction and higher speed, such as bearing applications for direct drive shafts, and is especially suitable for the selection of bearings in CNC turntable structures.


HKLDF-B standard series

Thrust angular contact ball series can withstand combined loads, have extremely high speeds and extremely low friction torques, and at the same time ensure high rotation accuracy. It is very suitable for applications with such requirements, such as high-speed rotary tables, milling, grinding, grinding heads, and precision measurement and testing equipment, etc.


HRTGM integrated angle measurement system series

The angle measurement system is integrated on the basis of the HRTG series, which can realize accurate angle measurement, with the highest accuracy of ±1 arc second, which is very suitable for applications with high requirements for angle positioning accuracy.