RU crossed roller bearing
RUseries (Integrated inner and outer ring, with mounting holes), because...
Product description

RU series (Integrated inner and outer ring, with mounting holes), because the outer ring and inner ring have mounting holes, there is no need to fix the flange and support base during installation. In addition, since the outer ring and the inner ring are integrated structures, installation has almost no effect on performance, so stable rotation precision and torque can be obtained. It is suitable for occasions where the outer ring and inner ring rotate.


RU series(Integrated inner、outer ring type with fixing holes)Unit:mm
ModelMain   dimensionsShoulder   dimensionBasic load rating(radial direction)Mass
Inner ringOuter   ringRoller   pitch diameterHeightChamferCrCor
dDDpwB  B1rmindsDhkNkNkg
RU  124(G)8016512422111413433.150.92.6
RU 124X
RU  148(G)90210148251.513316249.176.84.9
RU  148X
RU  178(G)115240178281.516119580.31356.8
RU  178X
RU  228(G)160295227.535220824610417311.4
RU  228X
RU  297(G)210380297.3402.527232015628121.3
RU  297X
RU  445(G)350540445.4452.541747322247335.4
RU  445X