YRT rotary table bearing

ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series

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    ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series have a unity outer ring, two inner ring, two rows of ball rollers and cage assembly, and contact angle is 60°. The outer rings and inner rings have fitting holes and easy to fit by joint bolt. The unit is located by means of retaining screws for the safety of transport and handling.
    ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series have double side sealing covers which can against dirt, impurities and avoid grease leak. ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series using complex barium-base grease, you can add the grease through grease hole.
    ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series are designed with 60°contact angle and two rows of ball rollers, which can support radial load, double axial loads and tilting moments. Due to the special design with copper cages, the bearing has higher strength and lower friction torque. So this kind of bearings is especially applied to the situation with super speed, long time running, high stiffness and high precision. At the same time it can ensure high rotary precision. ZKLDF bearings can be applied to high speed rotary worktable, milling, grinding,honing head and precision measuring instruments.
    Structural features and applications
    YRT basic series, YRTS high speed series andZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearing series all have high rotary accuracy. They can support radial loads, axial loads from both sides and tilting moments, which are particularly suitable for the situation with high precision and support union loads.          Such as rotary tables, face plates, milling heads and reversible clamps.
    Due to the fixing holes in the bearing rings, the units are very easy to fit. The bearing have radial and axial preload after fitting that ensure the high precision and high stiffness.
HONGYUAN have the fully product line, can be adopted on different size rotary table.
YRT, YRTS and ZKLDF series rotary table bearing are suitable for operating temperatures between -30℃ and +120℃

*We can also provide the bearing size d580mm.
1) Comprises a connecting screw hole and the screw thread unloading hole,uniform circumference.
2) For 10.9 grade bolt tightening torque.
3) For fixed hole and shaft and bearing set,please note bearing fixing hole pitch and point of bisection.
4) The value under ideal condition.


QQ: 1017111087

Phone: +86 13598495189

Tel: +86 379 63086182

Email: lyhyzc5@gmail.com

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