YRT rotary table bearing

YRTS rotary table bearing (high speed series)

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    YRTS series limit speed is higher than YRT series. YRTS high speed rotary table bearing are as same as YRT basic rotary table bearings, designed with two axial component and a radial component: axial component contains two axial cylinder roller cage assembles, an outer ring, a L-section inner ring and a second ring. Axial preloaded after fitting. Radial component contains a cylinder roller cage assembles, radial preload also added after fitting. The outer ring, L-section inner ring and the second ring have fixing hole. The unit is located by means of retaining screws for the safety of transport and handling. YRTS high speed series bearing can be used for shaft which driven by direct drive motor.
    The dimension, shape, and structure of YRTS high speed bearings are as same as YRT basic rotary table bearings, and the difference is the inner structure. Due to it’s special inner design, this kind of bearing have higher limiting speed and lower and lower friction and high speed. Such as Direct drive shaft, especially for the CNC rotary table structure. YRT and YRTS series bearing all use TURMOGREASE Li802EP grease which are produced by LUBCON in Germany, the operating temperature is between -35℃ and +140℃, compatible with NBR, FKM, PTFE and PA66, you can also choose the grease of Shell company. The bearings have grease hole on out ring and L-section inner ring for adding grease.

1) Comprises a connecting screw hole and the screw thread unloading hole,uniform circumference.
2) For the 10.9 grade bolt tightening torque.
3) The fixing hole for shaft and bearing set,
*Note the bearing fixing hole pitch and point of bisection.


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Tel: +86 379 63086182

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