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Why is the bearing cage easy to break?

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The bearing cage is an important part in the bearing system, its main function is to keep the correct position of the bearing and bear the axial load. However, the bearing cage is also one of the parts that are easily broken. This is because it is subjected to enormous pressure and vibration, and is susceptible to various factors.
First, excessive loading is a common cause of bearing cage fracture. When a bearing is subjected to a load exceeding its design load, the bearing cage is overstressed, causing rupture. In addition, long-term use will also cause material fatigue, making the bearing cage unable to bear the load.
Secondly, the welding problem is also one of the reasons for the cracking of the bearing cage. If the bearing cage is poorly welded during the manufacturing process, it will cause insufficient strength and make the bearing cage easy to break.
In addition, manufacturing defects are also the reason for the cracking of the bearing cage. During the manufacturing process, due to reasons such as improper operation or equipment failure, the bearing cage may be defective, resulting in rupture.
Finally, improper installation or maintenance can also lead to cracking of the bearing cage. If the bearing cage is not installed properly, it will cause the bearing cage to be subjected to unexpected stress during operation, causing it to crack. For example, if the mounting bolts are loose or incorrectly adjusted, the bearing cage can be stressed unevenly, causing it to crack. In addition, maintenance is key to the longevity of the bearing cage. Bearing cages can suffer from corrosion, fouling, and other damage if not adequately maintained. These problems will make the structure of the bearing cage weak and cause cracking. Therefore, when using the bearing cage, attention should be paid to correct installation and regular maintenance.


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