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ZARN4075-TV ZARN ball screw support bearings

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ZARN4075 Needle roller/axial cylindrical roller bearings are double direction precision axial cylindrical roller bearings with a radial bearing component. The inner ring, outer ring and cylindrical roller and cage assemblies are matched to each other such that the bearings can be set to a defined axial preload using a precision locknut. The bearings are available with and without fixing holes in the outer ring. Bearings with holes are screw mounted directly on the adjacent construction.The large contact surface and the small pitch of the holes allows a connection to the adjacent construction that is extremely rigid and with low tendency to settling. The bearing cover that would otherwise be required to hold the bearing, and the matching work required, can therefore be dispensed with.
ZARN4075 Needle roller/axial cylindrical roller bearings are also available with a stepped, extended shaft locating washer on one side. These bearings are used where the axial support of the shaft locating washer is insufficient or a seal raceway is required.



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