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Analysis and Treatment of Common Electrical Faults of Electr

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1. The motor is turned on and started, but the motor does not rotate but there is a humming sound. Possible reasons:
① The power supply problem causes the lack of phase operation;
②The motor is overloaded;
③ Being stuck by the dragging machine;
④ The rotor circuit of the wound motor is open or disconnected;
⑤ The stator winding is connected wrongly, or there is a wire break or short circuit.
Treatment method: In the first case, you need to check the power line, mainly check the wiring and fuse of the motor, whether there is line damage, and whether the contactor has contact damage; in the second case, unload the motor after unloading or half-loading. Start; the third case is the failure of the dragging machine, unload the dragged machine, and find the cause from the dragged machine; the fourth case is to check the connection of each contactor of the brush, slip ring and starting resistance; the fifth case In this case, it is necessary to re-determine the head and tail ends of the three-phase windings, and check whether the three-phase windings are disconnected or short-circuited.
2. After the motor starts, the heat exceeds the temperature rise standard or the smoke is emitted. Possible reasons:
① The power supply voltage does not meet the standard, and the motor heats up too fast under the rated load;
②The influence of the operating environment of the motor, such as high humidity;
③The motor is overloaded or run out of phase;
④The motor starts frequently.
Treatment method: In the first case, the motor should run at the rated voltage; in the second case, check the operation of the fan, strengthen the inspection of the environment, and ensure that the environment is suitable; in the third case, check the starting current of the motor, and deal with the problem in time; In the four cases, the frequency of frequent starts is reduced, and the motor suitable for frequent starts is replaced in time.
3. Possible reasons for low insulation resistance:
①The inside of the motor enters water and gets damp;
②There are sundries on the windings, and the influence of dust;
③ The internal winding of the motor is aging.
Treatment method: in the first case, dry the inside of the motor; in the second case, clean the sundries inside the motor; in the third case, check and restore the insulation of the lead wire or replace the insulation board of the junction box; in the fourth case, check the aging of the winding in time If necessary, replace the windings.
4. Possible reasons for the electric motor shell being charged:
①Insulation of motor lead wires or insulation board of junction box;
②The end of the winding contacts the motor casing;
③ Motor grounding problem.
Treatment method: In the first case, restore the insulation of the motor lead wire or replace the insulation board of the junction box; in the second case, if the grounding phenomenon disappears after removing the end cover, the end cover can be installed after insulating the winding end;
The fourth case is regrounded as specified.
5. The sound is abnormal when the motor is running. Possible reasons:
①The internal connection of the motor is wrong, resulting in grounding or short circuit, and the current is unstable and causes noise;
②The inner bearing of the motor is in disrepair, or there are debris inside.
Treatment method: In the first case, it needs to be opened for a comprehensive inspection; in the second case, the debris in the bearing can be cleaned, and the bearing grease should be 1/2-2/3 of the bearing chamber, and the new bearing should be replaced if necessary.
6. Possible causes of motor vibration:
①The ground where the motor is installed is uneven;
②The dynamic balance of the motor rotor is not good;
③ The pulley or coupling is unbalanced;
④The shaft is bent;
⑤ Motor fan problem.
Treatment method: the first case needs to install the motor on a stable base; the second case needs to adjust the rotor dynamic balance; the third case needs to carry out the balance of the pulley or the coupling; Set up the heavy truck after alignment; in the fifth case, align the fan.


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