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What is the "protrusion" of an angular contact ball beari

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Angular contact ball bearings are widely used in precision machine tools, high-speed motors, precision instruments and other high-precision mechanical equipment.
In angular contact ball bearings, there is often a slight difference in width between the inner rings. If the bearing is placed flat, it will be seen that the inner and outer rings cannot be completely level, and there will be a slight gap. When pressure is applied, the gap will disappear. , Is this a "problem" with the bearing, or is it "poor workmanship", or is it "buying a fake"?
This involves the "protrusion" in the angular contact ball bearing. Then, what is the "protrusion" and what is the function of the "protrusion"?

The protrusion of an angular contact ball bearing refers to the distance that the end face of the inner ring protrudes from the end face of the outer ring at the same end face of the bearing after preloading a single bearing.
The protrusion of angular contact ball bearings is an important parameter that affects the performance of the bearing. The measurement of the protrusion value is a necessary procedure in the assembly process, and special instruments are required for measurement.


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