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Ball Screw Support Bearing Overview

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The nominal contact angle is 60°, the bearing can bear a large single-direction axial load, and can also bear a certain radial load, and usually needs to be used in groups.
Two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings can bear force in two directions, can bear heavy loads, and have high rigidity, especially in line with the high precision requirements of modern precision machinery. This kind of bearing has two structures with mounting holes in the outer ring and without mounting holes. The structure with mounting holes can be directly mounted on the adjacent structure through bolts. This structure eliminates the need to process the matching bearing end cover of the bearing, so it is particularly economy.

Needle roller/thrust cylindrical roller bearing adopts the combined structure of needle roller bearing with thick outer ring and two-row thrust cylindrical roller bearing, which can bear larger radial/axial load and has higher radial/axial rigidity. The inner ring, outer ring and cylindrical rollers are matched to the cage assembly so that a given axial preload can be applied to the bearing using precision lock nuts. This kind of bearing has two types of outer ring with mounting holes and outer ring without mounting holes. The bearing with holes is directly installed on the adjacent structure through the cap bolt, the contact surface is large and the hole spacing is small, so the connection rigidity with the adjacent structure is high, and the fixing effect is good. parts can also be omitted.
If the axial adjacent space of the shaft ring is insufficient or sealing is required, the bearing with an extended stepped shaft ring can be selected.


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