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High precision slewing bearing structure

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According to different structural forms, slewing bearings can be divided into four-point contact ball slewing bearings, double-row reducing ball slewing bearings, crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings and three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearings. According to whether it has teeth or not and the distribution of teeth, it is divided into different structures such as toothless type, external tooth type and internal tooth type.
According to different structural characteristics, the slewing bearing can meet the needs of the main engine under various load conditions. Among them, the four-point contact ball slewing bearing has a higher dynamic load capacity, the crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing has a higher static load capacity, and the three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearing leads to the height direction of the bearing due to the improvement of the bearing capacity. , various loads are borne by different raceways and roller groups, so under the same stress conditions, the diameter of the bearing can be greatly reduced, so it has the characteristics of making the host more compact, and it is a turntable with high bearing capacity. bearing.


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