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Installation and use instructions of crossed roller bearings

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Compared with ordinary bearings, crossed roller bearings have higher precision, so care should be taken when using them, otherwise the working life of the bearing will be affected.
1. Cross-roller series bearings have been injected with German high-quality grease before leaving the factory, and users can directly install and use them. Bearings need to be greased every 3 to 6 months. In the initial stage of bearing use, due to the resistance of the grease, the friction torque of the bearing will be relatively large. After the excess grease overflows, the torque will return to the normal value.
2. The divided inner ring or outer ring cannot be separated after being fixed with bolts and nuts, and can be directly installed into the bearing seat for use. At the same time, if the spacer block in the bearing is assembled incorrectly, it will have a great impact on the rotation performance and the force of the rolling element, so please do not disassemble the bearing casually.
1. The seams of the inner ring or outer ring sometimes deviate somewhat. Before installing the bearing housing, loosen the bolts that fix the inner ring or outer ring, correct it with a plastic hammer, and then install it.
2. When installing or disassembling, please do not apply external force to the connecting bolts. .
3. Please pay attention to the dimensional tolerance of the installation parts, so that the side pressing flange can press the inner ring or the outer ring from the side.

3. The following procedures should be followed when installing the cross roller bearing
1. Inspection of parts before installation
Wash the bearing housing or other mounting parts to remove dirt, and confirm that the burrs of each part have been removed.
2. Insert into the bearing seat or shaft
Since it is a thin-walled bearing, it tends to tilt when inserting, so use a plastic hammer or the like to find the level, tap it evenly in the circumferential direction, and insert it little by little until it is confirmed by sound that it is in close contact with the contact surface.
3. Installation of side compression flange
(1) After placing the side compression flange in place, shake it back and forth several times in the circumferential direction to adjust the position of the mounting bolts.
(2) Install the compression bolt. When hand-tightening the bolts, make sure that the bolts are not difficult to screw in due to the deviation of the bolt holes.
(3) The tightening of the compression bolts can be divided into 3 to 4 stages from temporary tightening to formal tightening, and they are repeatedly tightened in the order on the diagonal (as shown in the figure below). When tightening the compression bolts of the two-part inner ring or outer ring, the outer or inner ring of the body is often rotated a little during the tightening process, so that the two-part parts can be corrected.
4. The bearing storage place should be clean and ventilated, without corrosive gas, and the relative humidity should not exceed 65%.
4. The product is coated with special anti-rust oil for bearings during packaging. Under normal circumstances, the anti-rust effect can reach 2 years. After that, the bearings in stock should be cleaned and oiled every other year, and the packaging should be kept intact.



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