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Simple Diagnosis Method of Rolling Bearing Failure

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In the process of simple diagnosis of rolling bearings by vibration, the measured vibration value (peak value, effective value, etc.) is usually compared with a predetermined judgment standard, and given according to whether the measured vibration value exceeds the standard To determine whether the bearing has failed, to determine whether further precise diagnosis is required. The judgment criteria for simple diagnosis of rolling bearings can be roughly divided into three types:
(1) Absolute judgment standard: it is the absolute value used to judge whether the measured vibration value exceeds the limit;
(2) Relative determination standard: It is to regularly conduct vibration detection on the same part of the bearing, and compare them in time sequence, and take the vibration value when the bearing has no fault as the standard, according to the ratio of the measured vibration value to the reference vibration value. Criteria for making a diagnosis;
(3) Judgment standard by analogy: It is a standard to test the vibration of several bearings of the same type in the same part under the same conditions, and compare the vibration values ​​with each other for judgment.
The absolute judgment standard is a standard formulated on the basis of the specified detection method, so attention must be paid to its applicable frequency range, and the vibration detection must be carried out according to the specified method. There is no absolute judgment standard applicable to all bearings, so the absolute judgment standard, the relative judgment standard and the analogous judgment standard are generally used together, so as to obtain accurate and reliable diagnostic results.


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