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HSX011824 Cross cylindrical roller bearing

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HSX011824 Cross roller bearings

HSX011824 Cylindrical roller bearings

One of my Germany customer inquired the HSX011824 Cross roller bearing.

He said he has not decided which model to use, maybe it is HSX011824 or HSX011820 Cross roller bearings

He will use one of the two models.

He said he got our company information from one of his friends.

His friend saw our booth on the AMB exhibition and saw our samples showed on the booth.

He said our quality is very reliable because we have over 15 years export experience to European market.

European market is a big and potential market for this kind of precision bearings.

I told him to fill the working condition form. He did it.

I transfered his technical requirements to our engineer.

Our engineer recommended him HSX011824 Cross roller bearings.

Now the samples are in producing.

Finished parts will enter assembly workshop next week.

OK, Let us wait for the sample ready. Then I can deliver bearings to him.

Today is Saturday. I wish you all have a nice weekend!


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