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Our customer from Switzerland consulted the YRT bearing moun

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One of my customer from Switzerland bought one YRT200 from me, but he does not know how to mount the bearing. So he asked me to teach him to mount the bearing.
Although I am a sales person, but I know the mounting method very well.

I sent him the mounting method, and if you are also interested in the YRT bearing mounting method, Pls kindly read my below method.

We must take care when do installing, or the precision and useful life will be decreased.

Be carefully when take the bearings, the connecting bolt can against the damage during transport.

In order to make the bearing positioning more easily, the connecting bolt of the bearing must be released before installation, and tighten after that.

As given tighten torque wrench in three steps to the specified tightening torque MA

Step 1: 40% of the MA

Step 1: 70% of the MA

Step 1: 100% of the MA

The installation step of the outer ring is the same as inner ring

①The installation bolt grade must be over grade 10.9

②The installation power only can be bear on the bearing rings, not on the rollers

③In the mounting and dismounting of bearing, the units of bearings can not be split and can not change

④If the bearings rotate hard, Pls release the mounting bolt, tighten the fixing screws in crosswise sequence using a torque wrench in three steps to the specified tightening torque

Note: Don;t knock the bearing when installing it


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