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High quality HRT100/YRT100 Precision axial radial combined b

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Type size fixing hole
d D H H1 H2 C d1 dn dm inner ring outer ring
unit:mm do ds Ts QTY  4) dL QTY  4)
mm mm
YRT100 100 185 38 25 13 12 160 112 170 5.6 10 5.4 16 5.6 15
Type Screw connection QTY Connect screws holes Pitch1)t Tightening torque of screw Basic load rating Limited speed5)  Friction Moment3) weight
Axial Radial
Dynamic Static Dynamic Static
MA2) Ca Coa Cr Cor Grease
G QTY QTYXt N m KN r/min Nm ≈Kg
YRT100 2 M5 3 18*20° 8.5 76.5 415 47.5 120 430 3 4.1


YRT100 CNC index table bearing YRTC100-XL 100mmx185mmx38mm

YRT precision slewing bearings YRT100 structure:Inner ring, Outer ring, the second inner ring, rolling elements, cages.

YRT precision slewing bearings YRT100 precision: P4(runout≤3μm); P2(runout≤1.5um)

YRT precision slewing bearings YRT100 torque: Normally YRT100 precision slewing bearings are preloaded before leaving the factory, it is necessary for customer to tell us the requirement torque, then we will adjust it to the right torque before leaving factory.(HONBbearing05)


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