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HSX011824 Precision roller bearings

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HSX011824 Cross roller bearings
HSX011824 Cylindrical roller bearings

HSX011824 Precision roller bearings
HSX011824 Precision rolling rings

Customer service

Customer service:Anna Feng(HONBbearing05)

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Product description
SX series(Inner ring integrity,outer ring division,thin section) Unit:mm
Model Main dimensions Basic load rating
(axial direction)
Basic load rating(radial direction) Mass
Inner ring Outer ring Roller pitch diameter Height B B1 Oil holes S Chamfer Ca Coa Cr Cor
d D Dpw kN kN kN kN kg
SX011824 120 150 135 16 1.5 1 41 153 26 75 0.8

Factory directly supplied precision slewing bearing SX011824 120mm*150mm*16mm


Cross roller bearing SX011824 precision: SX011824P5/SX011824P4/SX011824P2

Cross roller bearing SX011824 clearance: SX011824VSP/SX011824RLO


SX series SX011824(outer ring division type with inner rotating, thin section),this type has smaller section than RB series. Due to the extremely thin structure, there is no mounting holes on the outer ring and the inner ring, so the model requires a presser flange or housing.(HONBbearing05)

Product application

Machinery spare part bearing cross roller bearing SX011824 application: Milling head, Rotary tables, Medical equipments, Milling machine, Radar, 


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