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Bearings are the joints made by the big industry

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Bearings refer to the mechanical basic parts that support the rotating shaft or other moving bodies, and are used to bear the load generated during the operation of the shaft and other parts in the shaft and reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical rotating body. Quality and other aspects have a greater impact.
The basic structure usually consists of inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cage, seals and grease.

Rings are the most valuable accessories in bearings.
The inner and outer rings are collectively referred to as bearing rings, which are annular parts with raceways. The inner ring is usually fixed on the journal, and the inner ring rotates with the shaft. There are grooves on the outer surface of the inner ring for steel balls or rollers to roll, which are called inner grooves or inner raceways.
The outer ring is usually fixed on the bearing seat or the casing of the machine to support the rolling elements; the inner surface of the outer ring also has grooves for steel balls or rollers to roll, called inner grooves or inner raceways.
Bearing rings account for 35% of the cost of the finished bearing. For rolling elements, each set of bearings is equipped with one or several groups of rolling elements, which are installed between the inner ring and the outer ring; the rolling elements are the parts that bear the load, and their shape, size and quantity determine the bearing's load bearing capacity and high speed running performance.
The cage evenly separates the rolling elements in the bearing from each other, allowing each rolling element to roll normally between the inner and outer rings.
Rolling elements account for 10% of the cost of the finished bearing.
Grease is used to reduce mechanical friction, lubricate and seal, and also act on metal surfaces to fill voids and prevent rust. Dust caps are usually stamped from thin metal and fastened to a ring or washer in the bearing to cover the interior space of the bearing.

According to the different friction properties, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.
Among them, rolling bearings are the main products of the bearing industry. Rolling bearings are generally composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cage, seals and grease: the inner ring is installed on the shaft diameter and rotates with the shaft; the outer ring is installed in the bearing hole of the machine base and generally does not rotate; There is a raceway on the ring, when the inner and outer rings rotate relative to each other, the rolling bodies roll along the raceway; the cage makes the rolling bodies evenly distributed on the raceway, reducing the collision and wear between the rolling bodies.
Sliding bearings are usually composed of bearing bodies, bearing bushes and bearing linings, lubrication and sealing devices. Sliding bearings work smoothly, basically without noise, and have high rotation accuracy and bearing capacity. Sliding bearings are suitable for high-speed, high-precision, heavy-duty occasions (such as steam turbine generators, hydro-generators, machine tools), extremely large, extremely small, and extremely simple occasions (such as automated office equipment), structural requirements Split occasions (such as crankshaft bearings), occasions subject to shock and vibration loads (such as rolling mills), etc.


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