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High-speed development of domestic precision bearing indust

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In recent years, China's precision bearing industry has developed well. With the vigorous development of industrial robots, aerospace, medical equipment and other industries, it has provided a broad development platform for the domestic precision bearing industry, while machinery-related industries have advanced steadily in the traditional market. Actively explore emerging markets. At present, China's precision bearing-related industries are advancing towards higher product grades and lower manufacturing costs.-HONBbearing05

With the development of domestic aerospace, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, rail transportation, medical equipment and other fields, bearing related industries have also been improved to a certain extent. Bearing-related industries need to not only move forward effectively in existing markets, but also actively explore emerging markets.

Under the guidance of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's high-end bearing-related industries have formulated industry development plans. Formulated the development policy of driving the domestic bearing industry with the project and export carriage. Driven by the development of various fields such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, and automobile lightweight, the level of China's bearing-related industries has been significantly improved. Bearing-related industries are advancing steadily in the traditional market while actively exploring emerging markets, and even marginal markets that have been neglected in the past have been developed. These factors have made the bearing market development effective

The shift of the global manufacturing center of gravity to China has provided a strong impetus for the development of China's bearing-related industries, and has also made higher and higher requirements for domestic high-end bearing manufacturers. At present, China's bearing-related industries must focus on improving product grades and reducing manufacturing costs to achieve a strategic transition from "big" to "strong".

In recent years, Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing has been developing supporting bearings for harmonic reducers. It is a domestic enterprise specializing in the development of cross bearings for robot harmonic reducers. The accuracy can reach P4 and P2. Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing has been guided by high-precision bearings since its establishment. For more than ten years, the company has devoted itself to the research and development and manufacturing of YRT turntable bearings, cross roller bearings, and harmonic reducer matching bearings, and has served domestic and foreign customers . In recent years, it has provided services to hundreds of customers. Has accumulated rich experience for a long time, mature technology, various technical indicators and accuracy can meet the requirements of similar foreign products. The company receives increasing orders every year, and the market situation is good, and the sales performance breaks year by year and increases steadily. Exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions at home and abroad, at the same time also provide a number of domestic production enterprises, scientific research units with supporting and technical support services.


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