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Do you know which grades of bearing steel are available?

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Examples of grades: high chromium bearing steel (GCr6, GCr9, GCr9SiMn, GCr15, GCr15SiMn); chromium-free bearing steel (GSiMnV, GSiMnVXt, GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoVXt, GMnM oV, GMnMoVXt); carburized bearing steel (CrG20CrMo, G20Cr2Ni4Mo, G20Cr2Ni4Mo, , G10CrNi3Mo, G20Cr2Mn2Mo); stainless bearing steel (9Cr18, 9Cr18Mo); high temperature bearing steel (Cr4Mo4V, H10Cr4Mo4Ni4V, W9Cr4V2Mo, 2W10Cr3NiV, W18Cr4V)

Note: Except for stainless bearing steel and high temperature bearing steel, G is added to the bearing steel grade head to indicate structural steel. High chromium bearing steel and chromium-free bearing steel do not indicate the carbon content, and the Cr content is indicated in thousand fractions; in carburized bearing steel, the carbon content is generally indicated in ten thousand fractions, such as G20CrMo, G means structural steel, 20 means carbon content 20‱ The content of other main alloying elements chromium and molybdenum is relatively high; stainless bearing steel is represented by stainless steel grades, such as 9Cr18, 9 means carbon content is 9‰ and chromium content is 19%; high temperature bearing steel adopts heat-resistant steel grade notation For example, in W9Cr4V2Mo, the tungsten content is 9%, the chromium content is 4%, the vanadium content is 2%, and the molybdenum content is relatively high.


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