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Count the first number from left to right or add the first and second numbers together
"6" means deep groove ball bearing (0 category)
"4" means double row deep groove ball bearing (0 category)
"2" or "1" means self-aligning ball bearing (a total of four numbers in the basic model) (Class 1)
"21", "22", "23", and "24" indicate spherical roller bearings. (Class 3)
"N" means cylindrical roller bearings (including short cylindrical rollers and part of slender needle rollers) (Class 2)
The "NU" inner ring has no ribs.
The "NJ" inner ring has a single rib.
"NF" outer ring single rib.
The "N" outer ring has no ribs.
"NN" double row cylindrical rollers, no ribs on the outer ring.
"NNU" double row cylindrical rollers with no ribs on the inner ring.
The length of the roller is at least 5 times the diameter, and it is called a needle roller bearing (type 4)
"NA" Turning Outer Ring Needle Roller Bearings
"NK" stamping housing needle roller bearings
"K" needle roller and cage assembly, without inner and outer rings.
"7" means angular contact ball bearing (6 category)
"3" means tapered roller bearing (metric) (7 category)
"51", "52" and "53" indicate radial thrust ball bearings (a total of five numbers in the basic model) (8 categories)
"81" means thrust short cylindrical roller bearing (9 types)
"29" means thrust spherical roller bearings (9 types)


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