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Has the bearing been refurbished? Differences and identifica

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Bearings are common parts in mechanical equipment, but also important parts. Bearings are also widely used. In order to make more money, there are many black-hearted merchants who use the old to make good use of the old bearings. Some used or unused old bearings are recycled and used as new bearings to buy. There is still a big difference between this kind of refurbished bearings and good bearings. Not as good as a good bearing.(HONBbearing05)
Based on their knowledge of bearings, Luoyang Hongyuan bearing technicians are here to share with you today about the difference between refurbished bearings and good bearings, and how to distinguish whether the bearing is a refurbished bearing when buying a bearing.

The difference between refurbished bearings and good bearings:
1. The size of the refurbished bearing has changed, and the outer diameter is small and the inner diameter is large, which can be measured with a ruler.
2. Check the bearing surface accuracy and whether it is smooth. The refurbished bearing is rough.
3. Rotate the bearing by hand to refurbish the uneven bearing.
4. Observe the clearance between the cage and the rolling elements. The clearance of the refurbished bearing is greater than the normal clearance.
5. Depending on the size of the refurbished beads, the bearing beads will be worn and deformed.
6. Look at the slide, the refurbished bearing slide has irregular wear and deformation.
A good way to identify refurbished bearings:
1. Refurbished bearings are generally limited by the technology and equipment of small bearing manufacturers, so the bearing accuracy is low, the bearing surface is rough, the chamfer size is uneven, and some have black skin and pitting.
2. Some low-quality bearings are made of ordinary steel, carbon steel, malleable steel, iron pipes, etc., and the appearance of these materials is mostly white, and the color of special bearing steel is green. But just by looking at the color, we cannot completely conclude that we need to do hardness. Ordinary steel has low hardness.
3. Some small manufacturers have simple dipping techniques, and the bearings are heated unevenly and slightly deformed.
4. Rotate the bearing to see if the bearing rotates evenly and the sound is continuous without noise.
5. Looking at the cage, the bearing cage of the regular manufacturer is neat and free of burrs. The size of the rivet head of the bearing cage of the riveted bearing is the same. The processing technology and equipment of the irregular manufacturer are simple, so the cage is rough, and the cage of some riveted structure is unevenly divided. And or opposite, the size of the rivet head is different or the rivet is offset.
6. Look at the packaging, the regular manufacturers have the same packaging, the fonts on the packaging are clear, and the packaging of some counterfeit bearings is inconsistent, or simple and irregular.
7. Look at the font on the end face of the bearing, the original bearing is very clear and uniform in both steel and laser fonts. The laser font has a certain depth. The counterfeit bearing font has broken marks. The laser font will disappear with a light wipe with gauze, while the regular laser When the font is wiped with gauze, it will leave blurred traces of the font.
8. Look at the certificate of conformity. The bearings of regular manufacturers have certificates of conformity and the size of the certificates is the same. Most of the certificate papers are greaseproof paper. The font is clear, and some manufacturers have query information on the certificate, counterfeiting the certificate, and the font is fuzzy, the paper is ordinary paper, and the size of the certificate is different. It is recommended to keep a regular manufacturer certificate for comparison and reference.
9. Some imported bearings are different from domestic anti-rust oil in terms of anti-rust oil. Imported bearings do not have anti-rust agent but no traces. The bearing surface is clear, while some counterfeit imported bearings coated with domestic anti-rust agent feel sticky in the hand. Slushy, it will smell like anti-rust oil.
10. Understand and understand the bearing typing specifications for normal products of some regular manufacturers, such as bearing model, trademark, and year code. And some fake bearing fonts are engraved, even if some fonts are blurred by laser.
11. If possible, it is best to visit the bearing manufacturer or brand distributor in person

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