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Structural features and series models of turntable bearings

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As an important part of the machine tool, the turntable has always been the focus of the machine tool design. As a key component that carries the workpiece, the rotary accuracy, rigidity and composite bearing capacity of the turntable all directly affect the machining performance of the machine tool. The selection of bearings plays a direct and decisive role. The traditional solution of turntable bearings generally uses two or more sets of radial and thrust bearing combinations, the purpose is to enable the turntable to bear axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time, although this solution is mature, but there are also such as The turntable has the disadvantages of complicated structure design and inconvenient bearing installation and maintenance.
YRTG series high-precision turntable bearings break through the traditional bearing selection and arrangement. One set of bearings can meet the requirements of the turntable to bear the combined load, which greatly simplifies the structure of the turntable and reduces the cost of design, installation and maintenance. The combination of one set of radial rollers, two axial rows of thrust rollers and cage assemblies makes the structure compact and saves space for the overall structure design of the turntable; the mounting holes are arranged on the bearing, which is extremely convenient for installation; the bearing is installed immediately before the factory. With preload, high rigidity and high rotation accuracy can be achieved without adjusting the clearance; the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing are provided with oil injection holes, which are convenient for regular oil injection maintenance. Ordinary bearings.
Thanks to our rich production line, in addition to the YRTG standard series suitable for low-speed and short-cycle applications, we also have corresponding products and solutions for more diverse applications. YRTGS high-speed series can be used in applications with low friction torque and relatively high speed, and are suitable for bearing selection in applications such as direct drive motor turntables and double swing heads. ZKLDF-B thrust angular contact ball series has extremely high rotational speed, extremely low friction torque, and can also bear combined load, suitable for high-speed rotary table of turning and milling machining center, vertical grinding machine, measurement and control fields, etc. YRTGM series with integrated angle measurement system, through the modular design of the integrated angle measurement system, realizes the integration of precise rotation and precise angle control of the turntable, simplifies the shaft structure, and is suitable for the CNC rotary table and indexing table of the machining center In other occasions, the angle measurement accuracy can reach ±1 arc second.

HRTG standard series thrust-centripetal combined structure can bear bidirectional axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. Mounting holes are evenly distributed on the bearing, and bolts can be used to directly fix the bearing; the bearing has been preloaded before leaving the factory, and there is no need to adjust the clearance for installation; this series is suitable for low-speed, short-running cycle, high rigidity and precision requirements. Occasions, such as rotary table, indexing head, etc.
HRTGS series turntable bearings have the same external structure and dimensions as HRTG series turntable bearings, but their special internal structure design enables them to have a higher limit speed and lower and uniform friction in the entire speed range. Therefore, it is suitable for applications similar to the HRTG series but requiring lower friction and higher rotational speed, such as bearing applications for direct drive shafts, especially for the selection of bearings in CNC turntable structures.
For higher precision requirements, this series also provides higher axial and radial runout accuracy.
HKLDF-B thrust angular contact ball series, thrust angular contact ball series, can withstand combined loads, have extremely high rotational speed and extremely low friction torque, and can ensure high rotation accuracy at the same time. Ideal for applications with such requirements, such as high-speed rotary tables, milling, grinding, honing heads, as well as precision measuring, testing equipment, and more.
HRTM with integrated angle measurement system series, integrated angle measurement system on the basis of HRTG series, can achieve accurate angle measurement, the highest accuracy can reach ±1 arc second, very suitable for applications that have high requirements for angle positioning accuracy.



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