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Xu Xin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Mun

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On the morning of July 29, Xu Xin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, visited Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing for investigation. Zhang Tianfei, director of the Municipal People's Congress Supervision and Judicial Work Committee, and Wei Shuhong, deputy director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, participated in the investigation. Wu Qiaoling, general manager of Hongyuan Bearing, was enthusiastic reception.

Director Xu and his entourage inspected the production and processing workshop, assembly workshop, and production scheduling center of Hongyuan Bearings successively. The annual development plan and the construction of the new plant expansion project are reported. The two sides had in-depth discussions on issues such as relocation, transformation and industrial upgrading. Our company adhered to the specialization and new route. On the basis of the three main products, we carried out research and development innovation with the concept of "one meter wide and one thousand meters deep". A total of 11 series of various types of high-precision bearings have been developed, and they are positioned as the key direction of future development to realize the in-depth development of high-end equipment parts. Director Xu and his party highly praised Hongyuan for its independent innovation ability, emphasis on talents, and intensive cultivation in advantageous fields.

Hongyuan Bearing's re-engraved rotatable Bingdun Dunxue Rongrong, combined with Tang Sancai culture and Hongyuan Bearing, showed a relaxed smile.
At the production site, Director Xu has a detailed understanding of the 6S status of Hongyuan site, recent development, product development and processing capabilities; in front of the MES information LED screen in the dispatch center, Director Xu listened carefully to Hongyuan's technical director Zhao Shuo's recent comments on Hongyuan A report on the information construction of the first, second and third phases in the past four years. Director Xu said that Hongyuan has such a complete information construction and standardized management system, which fully reflects that Hongyuan is an enterprise that is constantly exploring and innovating.

Director Xu encouraged the technical R&D personnel of enterprises to pay attention to learning and improvement, cherish opportunities, and give full play to their talents; he encouraged enterprises to take advantage of the wave of development of the bearing industry, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, continue to grow, and help Luoyang's economic development.


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