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2022 Second Quarterly Appraisal and Commendation Conference"

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In order to further summarize the work results in the first half of the year, plan the work tasks for the second half of the year, commend advanced models, and gather the power of example. On July 26, Hongyuan Bearing's 2022 Second Quarterly Evaluation and First Commendation Conference" and "2022 Semi-annual QC Activities Commendation Conference" were successfully held in the rest area of the workshop.

Mr. Zhou first introduced the construction of the new plant: Workshops No. 1 and No. 2 are expected to be put into production from the end of this month to the beginning of next month, and the R&D building is expected to be ready for entry in mid-September. Secondly, I made a summary speech on the production situation of our company in the first half of the year. Under the extremely severe and complicated economic situation at home and abroad, we still achieved good results. The company's output value increased by more than 20% over the same period, and the export volume was still increasing. It is the result of the joint efforts of more than 500 employees. The tasks in the second half of the year are relatively heavy. I hope everyone will continue to work hard according to the goals and work plans set at the beginning of the year. The first item of this conference is the first award for the second quarter of 2022, and the second item is to commend the employees who actively participated in improvement activities in the first half of the year and won the honor of improvement star and improvement benchmark.


Chen Zhibin, the super-large squad leader, said: "As the production line, we must do a good job in every process and ensure that customers are satisfied with the work we do from our own hands."
Zhang Hui, a quality pacesetter, said: "Mr. Zhou has always emphasized that quality is the red line of production, which is enough to see the importance of quality. Therefore, in daily work, it is necessary to ensure good quality and not let go of the slightest bit, so that every product leaves the factory. hit the mark.”
The technical expert Guo Rui once choked up in his speech and said: "I will work harder in the future and shine in my post."
Wang Tianqi, an aspirant of Hongyuan, said: "Thanks to the leadership and the help at the same time, I will continue to work hard in the future and make due achievements in my post."
Excellent employee Zhang Jiaojiao said: "Thank you Hongyuan for such a good platform, let us keep up with the company's pace and get better and better! Finally, I would like to share with you: the road is long and the road is coming, and the future is promising. !"
The assistant of the production department and Ziqian made a summary of the QC activities. This is the first QC improvement achievement commendation meeting of Hongyuan. It is a display of the QC improvement achievements in the past six months, and it is also an experience summary and promotion of the QC improvement activities. The small outer diameter team won the company's "Improvement Star" title", and the first-level, sleeper, and installation teams won the company's "Improvement Benchmark" title." The company comprehensively implements QC group improvement activities, and builds a platform for all employees to participate in quality improvement, improve work efficiency, and ensure safe production, which is an effective way to consolidate the company's grass-roots management.
If you don’t accumulate small steps, you can’t go thousands of miles; if you don’t accumulate small streams, you can’t make rivers and seas. These big or small improvements can effectively reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve quality, ensure safety, and improve the on-site operating environment. It is hoped that all employees of the company can spontaneously participate in the QC improvement work with a master mentality, focus on the overall situation, with an enterprising spirit of innovation and a work attitude of excellence.


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