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On the morning of May 20th, the red book donation and distribution ceremony and commendation meeting of "Thank the Party and Follow the Party" was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Hongyuan Bearing (HONB) was invited to participate.

Qiao Wenxiang, Vice President of the Standing Committee of Luoyang Charity Federation, Cai Hongguang, Vice President and Secretary General of Luoyang Charity Federation, and the Municipal Customs and Work Committee, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Municipal Education Bureau, more than 70 caring enterprises, donated School representatives attended the ceremony.
At the meeting, Cai Hongguang, vice president and secretary general of Luoyang Charity Federation, first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the donating companies. So far, more than 2,300 sets of books have been donated by 78 caring companies, totaling 421,800 yuan. These materials will be used for the book construction of 5 schools in Song County, 8 schools in Luanchuan, 1 school in Luoning, 7 schools in Ruyang County, and Hongshan Experimental Primary School in Xigong District.

Our representative delivered a speech: Hongyuan Bearing (HONB) is honored to be invited to participate in this commendation conference. Over the years, we have fully understood the profound connotation and value of the times in corporate management, and actively participated in social public welfare undertakings and assumed social responsibilities. In recent years, our company has invested a total of nearly 2 million yuan in public welfare undertakings, mainly in poverty alleviation, education, flood relief, epidemic prevention and control, etc. In 2021, our company will donate 300,000 yuan to a middle school in Luoyang through the foundation. This year, through the Charity Federation and the Red Cross Society, we will donate red books and love schoolbags to two schools. In the next five years, our company plans to invest about 300,000 yuan in education and public welfare every year.
"Gathering sand into a tower, accumulating water into an abyss", since love has set off, it will not stop. In the next five years and the next five years, Hongyuan Bearing will still be on the road, actively responding to the call of the party and the government, and giving back to the society as always. With the heart of charity and fraternity, convey warmth, practice social responsibility with more practical actions, and have the courage to take responsibility.


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