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Glorious participation and return with honor - Luoyang Hongy

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Chase the gentle breeze of May and bathe in the sunshine of early summer! In order to enhance the cohesion of the unit, enrich the cultural life of the unit, enhance the communication between employees, improve the physical quality of the employees, and create a good atmosphere in which all employees love sports, care about health, be high-spirited, and forge ahead in unity, create a team of unity and cooperation, complement each other's advantages, implement Strong team. On May 7, on this beautiful day, the company held cultural and sports activities with the theme of "exercise, health, work, and happiness".


Push and Pull awards

Rope skipping awards

Knee clips and clip marbles

What is fighting is strength, what is condensing is people's hearts, sweat, shouting, and the tug-of-war arena is full of passionate hormones, and each team is gearing up and eager to try. In the game, some teams are so powerful that they instantly "kill" their opponents, and some are of equal strength.

As the whistle sounded, the colored ropes danced on the field. All the players were strong, light and flexible. Every employee jumped neatly with their feet. The scene was very lively. On the field, cheers, shouts and laughter came one after another, and the whole factory area presented a happy, healthy and upward scene.

Attention, precision, slow breathing... The players who participated in the pinball competition held their breath and put the marbles in their perfect positions. The people who didn't play hoarsely shouted horns for their team, waving their arms and clapping excitedly, cheers and cheers resounded throughout the arena, and everyone was filled with excitement and joy from their hearts.


A crowd of heroes competes, and who is the master of the ups and downs. In the knee-clamping competition, the players started quickly with the whistle, actively adjusted their coordination, and rushed to the finish line with the fastest speed; off the field, the other players of each team They are all cheering and cheering.
Today's sports meeting is very exciting. Everyone showed their tenacious and enterprising spirit on the field. The game showed style, friendship and sportsmanship. Hongyuan is in a period of rapid development. I hope everyone has the fighting spirit of sportsmen, go all out, work together, and face the challenges and break through with the Hongyuan spirit of "persistence and concentration", with high standards, high levels, and high standards. Complete various projects with high quality, and jointly write a better tomorrow for Hongyuan Bearing!


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