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Inspiring youth, swaying blood
They work hard at the workplace to live up to their youth
They use enthusiasm to empower Hongyuan
They are Hong Yuan's role models
Their style is worth learning from
April 21, 2022
Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Organization held a
2022 The First Awards and Commendation Conference
This conference is working on the first quarter of 2022
Outstanding employees were honored

General manager Mrs. Wu first gave a brief introduction to our production situation in the first quarter. The shipment value increased by more than 30% in the same period; It is the same as last year. We affirmed our achievements under the epidemic, regretted the fact that the goods in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta could not be dispatched in April, and encouraged us to have the confidence to overcome the difficulties together, and the difficulties will soon be over. Then, he commented on the quarterly performance of each award-winning employee, and issued honorary certificates and cash rewards to encourage them to "make progress and go further".
The quality pacemaker Yang Yinghao has 0 scrap rate and the first working hour team. Encourage him to bring more new people and develop in the direction of technical experts; piece rate pacemaker Yang Yichao is the first in the piece rate team and the second in the scrap rate team. Improve the processing quality and move forward to the quality pacesetter;
Hongyuan "motivated person" is a special award set up by the company to encourage the rapid growth and promotion of new employees within one year of joining the company. President Wu is full of expectations for Hu Jing, who has won the "motivated person" of Hongyuan for two consecutive years, and hopes to see her After a year, get the double pacesetter of Hongyuan quality and piece rate;
Han Yafei, the quality engineer of the Process Quality Division, Mr. Wu said: "I have a sense of trust in Han Yafei's work. The relevant documents of the quality report he prepared have a clear logical relationship. Report it to me again, I'm more at ease." This sentence fully demonstrates the meticulous, rigorous and well-organized work style of Han Yafei, an outstanding employee of the process quality department;
Han Chongyang from the Purchasing Department was honored as an outstanding employee because he was willing to help others, actively dispatched vehicles, accelerated the delivery schedule, and often helped others to complete their work after work. Mr. Wu said: "The selection of outstanding employees of the company does not depend on the value of the position you are in. In ordinary positions, you are steadfast and hardworking, and you are positive and enthusiastic about your work. It is also an example for Hongyuan people to learn from!"


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