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Hongyuan Bearing (HONB) was successfully selected as one of

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi's important exposition on high-quality industrial development and innovation-driven, the city's equipment manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to improve their independent innovation capabilities, make intensive efforts in advantageous areas, and conquer a number of key areas" Neck stuck" technology, developed a batch of iconic high-end equipment, polished Luoyang's "golden signboard", and provided support for the construction of a national advanced manufacturing base. The Office of the Leading Group for the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing City in Luoyang organized the selection of the top ten iconic high-end equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry in Luoyang in 2021, and awarded ten products from ten companies including Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing as the "Top Ten in the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Luoyang in 2021" The title of "Signal High-end Equipment", and ten products of ten enterprises including Luoyang Bearing Research Institute were awarded the title of "Top Ten Iconic High-end Equipment Cultivation Products of Luoyang Equipment Manufacturing Industry in 2021".

The selection of Hongyuan bearing products means that our company has performed well in research and development strength, pioneering and innovation, and future development. Bearings are the core basic components of the industry. There are nine categories, thousands of small categories, and hundreds of thousands of models. We adhere to the concept of "one meter wide, one thousand meters deep" to make products, in a very narrow segment. De-intensive cultivation, continuous investment, focus on making products well, and product technical performance benchmarking against international standards. In the future, Hongyuan Bearing will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "persistence and focus", increase support for product innovation and process innovation, improve quality and efficiency with innovative concepts and methods, continue to improve technical level and market share, and strengthen the core of the enterprise. Competitiveness. Make new and greater contributions to the development of the city's equipment manufacturing industry, and contribute to the realization of Luoyang's trillion-level economic aggregate target!


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