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In the spring of March, we have an appointment
"Just in Hongyuan, create a win-win future"
2022 Campus Recruitment Campaign Launched
Hello, I am Hongyuan Bearing
Full name: Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.
"Hongyuan" talent concept
High sense of responsibility, put morality first, make the best use of talents, survive the fittest, and be able to go up and down.
In Hongyuan, there is no ranking of seniority, not only education, age, relationship, but also people's morality and innovation!
What is needed is to be unconventional, to break through inertia, and to go beyond mediocrity!
"Hongyuan" work philosophy
Active, meticulous, efficient and thorough
"Where are you from"
"Henan people"
"No, you are our Hongyuan people"



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Add: Chuangye Road, Konggang Industrial cluster district, Luoyang city, Henan province, China

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