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The dragon looks up in the second month | Live up to the har

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Today is the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. The traditional folk festival dragon raises its head, which means that all things grow and look up. The dragon's head is also called Spring Ploughing Festival, Farming Festival, Qinglong Festival, Spring Dragon Festival, etc., and it is named after the beginning of the mid-spring Mao month.
The "Dragon Horn Star" rises from the eastern horizon, so it is called the dragon head. When it comes to the folk custom of "dragon head" - shaving the dragon's head, everyone will not be unfamiliar. Legend has it that shaving your head on this day will bring good luck and fortune. Therefore, a folk proverb says that if you shave the faucet on the second day of the second month, you will have a spiritual head all year. At that time, in order to enrich their spare time, Chang'an people would go out on this day with friends and companions. In the eyes of the ancients, the air in the wild in the spring is fresh, and if you walk around, you can not only cultivate your sentiments, relax your body and mind, but also plan your New Year's plan and prepare for spring ploughing.
In the past, the Dragon Head Festival was a day to worship the Dragon God. On this day every year, people would go to the Dragon Temple or by the water to burn incense and offer sacrifices to the Dragon God, praying for the Dragon God to revive the clouds and turn the rain, and bless the harvest in the year.

The ancient working people used their wisdom to pray for good weather and hard work to pursue a happy life. Today, Hongyuan people should take advantage of the policy of high-quality development of China's economy, focus on services internally, build brands externally, win customer satisfaction with professionalism, and paint a wonderful life with forge ahead, living up to the harvest and the trust!


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