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HONB held the commendation meeting for the third quarter of

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Driven by innovation
Leading by technology
Hard work oriented
They worked hard to live up to their jobs
They use enthusiasm to add luster to Hongyuan empowerment
They are Hongyuan’s role models
Their are worth learning

Focus on compliance and ensure efficiency

Only wonderful
Brilliance that didn't wait

Do your best to solve problems
Be good at innovation and promote success

Representitives statements

After the award ceremony, the award-winning representatives went to the stage to give their acceptance speeches, expressing their feelings and insights at work sincerely, and were proud of their achievements.
Shi Zhihui, a quality pacesetter, said: "Through lean improvement, I realize the importance of quality. Quality is the bottom line. We must ensure that every product is a qualified product!"
Chen Xinhuan, the third technical expert, said: “I will work harder to live up to expectations in the future!” Zhai Nana said: “Thank you very much for the platform provided by Mr. Zhou and Mr. Wu, and thank the team leader and colleagues for taking care of her. With one step, the future can be expected..."
Zhang Xiaobo, the production scheduling department of outstanding employees, joined in October last year and won the award for just one year. When he received the award, he was very excited: "Thanks to the frontline masters for taking care of him. Through a year of work and study, I have gained a lot. Everyone They work hard, do their duty, and know that every position has its own necessity. To do a good job is not a department alone, it requires everyone’s cooperation; I also know that my own efforts can be rewarded, but Time is a matter of time. Lean improvement taught him that necessary products can only be produced in necessary quantities within the necessary time..." 
Finally, Lu Ruifang, Minister of Technology R&D Department, made a final summary: "The development of the company is inseparable from the efforts of every employee. The order volume of the business department has reached a new high. It is also because our products can meet the requirements of customers. I hope everyone will continue to maintain this. Momentum. Those employees who have complained about Hongyuan’s strict requirements must be well aware that strict teachers and high apprentices are an improvement to themselves. At present, there are still some problems in the work. The quality control that Mr. Zhou has been mentioning all the time, today’s evaluation is the first There are employees who have won awards for both piecework and quality. We must follow him up, improve the quality awareness of all employees, do their own work in their posts, and work hard and intensively. This is the greatest contribution to Hongyuan!"


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