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HONB annual output of 2 million sets of high precision beari

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Rain as follows wealth, wind and rain come.In the morning of September 17, 2021, In The Industrial Park of Changbag Town, Mengjin District, Luoyang city, the groundbreaking ceremony of luoyang Hongyuan Bearing intelligent manufacturing construction project with an annual output of 2 million sets of high precision bearings was opened on time!Company leaders Zhou Shuzhou Mr, ms, qiao-ling wu and other departments together with the backbone, head of the people took part in the ceremony, at the same time to the foundation stone laying ceremony of the guest have branches area development and reform commission, bureau of natural resources, live built bureau, labor bureau, the city administration, tuen mun town government, often bag township government, xinan town, the leadership of li rui xin sheng electric technology co., LTD.,Zhiyuan New materials Zhang, Ming Yi new materials general manager Zhang, etc.
Luoyang Hongyuan bearing was founded in the early days of hongshan Township, a rented 600 square meters of place;In August 2012, a new factory was built and put into operation in Matun Airport Industrial Cluster, covering an area of 15.6 mu.This is the expansion of Luoyang Hongyuan bearing new factory, and the construction of an annual output of 2 million sets of high-end precision bearing intelligent manufacturing project in Changbag Town Industrial Park, Mengjin District.The project plans to invest 350 million yuan, covers an area of 56 mu, according to the green and intelligent standards to build production workshop 30,000 square meters, RESEARCH and development center and affiliated facilities 10,000 square meters, has a staff activity center, cultural landscape, comprehensively improve the image of the enterprise.It is expected to produce 2 million sets of high-end precision bearings annually, with an annual output value of 600 million yuan, tax revenue of 30 million yuan and 1200 jobs.In the next few years, Hongyuan bearings will continue to benchmark the global market, accelerate the pace of internationalization, and further enhance the competitive strength.The completion of the project will achieve "multi-win" :Not only can improve the local financial income, solve the problem of a large number of labor force employment, promote bag town domain economy, often will also promote the development of hong yuan bearing company entered a new runway, and seeks the breakthrough, set sail again, with the aid of the Chinese economy in the development of high quality policy, domestic high-end bearing can .
support the burden of major equipment localization in China

Branches often bag town party secretary Zhou Qihui comrade to hong yuan intelligent manufacture new plant construction project starts expressed warm congratulations, to care for a long time support bag often the leaders of the economic and social development, the social people from all walks of life express our heartfelt thanks to you for, comrade Zhou Qihui said often bag town leaders will start to the project as an opportunity, in "ten thousand people to help thousands of companies" for the gripper,Focusing on the active implementation of the project management, agency, special management and other measures, we will do our best to do a good job in the "small security" of enterprise projects, escort the development of enterprise and project construction, and ensure that the Hongyuan project starts, is completed as soon as possible, and is effective as soon as possible.We hope that the project party will have high standards, strict requirements, reverse construction period and wall chart operation to ensure smooth construction and early completion of the project. We hope that the government and enterprises will work together to achieve the goal of "entering the first phalanx of regional development" and make greater contributions to the new journey of building a modernized strong town and helping the construction of modern Mengjin.

Company general manager ms qiao-ling wu delivered a speech, "the good faith based, innovation" is the hong yuan bearing the management idea, 15 years to focus on high-end CNC machine tool bearings, thin-walled cross roller bearings, bearing robot research and development and manufacturing, it is a process of enterprise innovation, as an enterprise PiJingZhanJi towards the international market, our achievements of these,It is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of all the staff, the care and support of the Party and governments at all levels, the healthy development of the regional economic environment of Mengjin, and the development of China's economy and the guidance of national policies.Breaking the monopoly of foreign products is one of the goals of high quality development of China's industry. Over the years, constant improvement and innovation have enabled the simple Hongyuan bearings to develop steadily, continuously and rapidly.At present, steady development, calm win fruits, we have reason to look forward to, such an enterprise will go more stable, farther......


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