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Epidemic prevention, we are in action

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Cases of local new coronary pneumonia have appeared in many places recently , and the medium- and high-risk areas continue to increase...Hongyuan Bearing has been complying with national and government policy requirements, adhering to the spirit of safety first, increasing vigilance and strengthening protection, and implementing various epidemic prevention work .


Employees entering the factory: Before entering the factory, all employees must wear masks, measure their body temperature, show the health code and disinfect at the guard, and enter the factory after everything is normal. If I or my family members return to Los Angeles from other places, they need to report to the company and the community as soon as possible.
Reception: All outsiders visiting must be approved by the docking staff of the corresponding department and go out to receive; before entering the factory, the visitors must be temperature-measured, disinfected, and health code and itinerary checked and recorded, and the test results are normal. Personnel need to sign for confirmation before entering the factory and carrying out business activities within the specified scope.

All vehicles must be disinfected before entering the factory.

The cleaning staff are required to do disinfection work for every corner of the whole plant twice a day and make records.

Open windows for ventilation: open windows for ventilation more than three times a day in the office area for 30 minutes each time. During ventilation, open doors and windows at the same time to form convection
Indoor environment: Keep the room clean and clean up the garbage in time.
Disinfection of public goods: 70% alcohol can be used to wipe and disinfect items such as tables and chairs, door handles, office phones, keyboards and mouse.

The canteen implements split-time and off-peak dining, and employees need to wash their hands and disinfect before entering the canteen.
When dining, one person, one table, scattered meals, no conversation.
Wear a mask immediately after eating.


The dormitory is regularly disinfected every day, and residents are forbidden to visit each other or gather in the dormitory to carry out activities of any kind. Residents must keep the dormitory clean and ventilated. Our company always maintains a high level of vigilance, strictly implements territorial prevention and control requirements, adheres to the people's supremacy and life supremacy, does not relax, and does all the prevention and control work carefully, and weaves a tight security defense line for epidemic prevention and control.


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