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HONB wish you a well-being Dragon Boat Festival

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"Food is the heaven for the people" Chinese people have always had their own "taste" during the festive season, so when it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival, apart from the holidays, it is rice dumplings. Picture. Nowadays, there are many kinds of rice dumplings. The north prefers sweet rice dumplings, while the south is popular with salty rice dumplings. Traditionally, there are date rice dumplings, red bean paste rice dumplings, eight-treasure rice dumplings, meat dumplings, chestnut rice dumplings, spicy rice dumplings, salted egg dumplings and so on.

Zongzi is a kind of medicinal diet, and the zongzi leaves used to wrap the zongzi are very particular: reed leaves are mostly used in the north, bamboo leaves or lotus leaves are used in the south, and these leaves have good medicinal functions. For example, reed leaves can clear away heat and produce fluid, eliminate irritability and quench thirst; bamboo leaves can clear away heat and irritation, diuresis and detoxification; lotus leaves can clear away heat and dampness, and calm the stomach.
However, eating a lot of zongzi can easily cause indigestion, so the elderly, children, and friends with poor spleen and stomach functions should not eat more.

The June wind brings a faint fragrance of rice dumplings, and the green zong leaves envelop the true feelings of Nuonuo. The swaying Ai Ye embodies not only the long-standing character of Chinese culture since ancient times, but also the love and longing for relatives and friends.
On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, all employees of Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing wish everyone a healthy and auspicious Dragon Boat Festival!


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