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Hongyuan Summer Food Festival is overwhelming!

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Last Saturday, the trade union organized a barbecue event with the theme of "Love on the Front Line, Passionate Summer".
The sunset is poetic, and the evening is picturesque. After a burst of cheers, the event officially begins! Everyone can't wait to gather around the fire. Ingredients such as lamb skewers, chicken wings, ham sausage, potato chips, etc. began to exude attractive aromas in the charcoal fire. Everyone brainstormed and discussed various fancy barbecues. Although there are occasional burnt blacks, in most cases there are still "qualified barbecue". 

Everyone rushed and tried to show off, even though they were sweating profusely, they were all overjoyed when they tasted the fruits of their labor. With gourmet beer, everyone sat around and chatted about youth, laughter and laughter lingered in the air along with plumes of smoke. Suga Chenghao from the production department also improvised a Chinese martial art demonstration, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax
No one can stop us from pursuing happiness. Once in a while, we can put down our busyness, pack light, keep loving, go to the mountains and seas, and meet our other beautiful selves in the struggle.The frames from that night, I'm sure you'll remember.


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