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What is Happy Planet, I will take you to study now

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When intoxicated, when excited, when the heartbeat speeds up, this is dopamine behind the scenes, it is the mechanism of happiness. In order to keep the happiness factor with you, yesterday afternoon, the Hongyuan Bearing Union organized a staff viewing activity in the training classroom on the second floor.

Watching movie

Before the activity, the trade union has prepared a wealth of snacks for everyone to taste, so that everyone can relax after get off work and enjoy this "visual feast" beautifully.

The whole viewing process was relaxed and cheerful, and the tension and pressure at work were also effectively relieved and released with applause and laughter.

Hongyuan Bearing Labor Union not only organizes movie watching activities, but also regularly organizes tea parties, barbecues, reading, group games and other activities to enrich everyone’s amateur cultural life; I hope everyone can enjoy happy time with the labor union, and continue Enhance the sense of belonging and happiness to the company!



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