Technical Advantages

        The professional technical team and the standard management system are the powerful guarantee of our products' high precision and quality.Hongyuan r & d team for many years to interpret the spirit of hongyuan: "adhere to, focus"!At present, there are more than 30 professional r & d personnel, including 6 senior engineers and 8 people with master's degree.The company employs university professors and Italian experts as long-term technical consultants to guide and lead the research team to always walk in the front of related fields.The company cooperates with universities and vocational schools to set up "hongyuan class" for targeted talent training, and combines external recruitment with independent training to gather groups of talents with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in various positions of the company.

        On the basis of positive introduction, absorption and absorption, adhere to the road of independent innovation.We have developed more than ten kinds of new products, obtained more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents, successively established a bearing testing center and a testing center, and established a provincial scientific and technological innovation platform "henan precision turntable bearing engineering technology research center".

We will strengthen the use of industry, education, and research.We have carried out a series of industry-university-research projects with tsinghua university, Harbin Institute of Technology, xi 'an jiaotong university, chongqing university, heust and other well-known universities and national research institutes.

        Pay attention to standard construction.Standardization is the only way for enterprise development, our company has successively established the product design and technology standard, test standard, the standard specifications deep into the brain and behavior of the employees, with paranoid spirit of craftsmen carved fine pecked products, with technical hands and eyes to picky and look at our products, to ensure that the yield of continued ascension.


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